Microgrid Energy (St. Louis, MO) has invented a financial model that allows non-profits to get the benefit of emission reducing solar renewable energy without paying a dime for the system!

What's in it for the Non-Profit?
This model allows a non-profit entity to have a solar system that is eligible for financial incentives (Tax Credits, Treasury Grant, Utility Rebates, Accelerated Depreciation, Etc.) via a corporate sponsor.

What's in it for the Corporate Sponsor?
A lot of PR, and surprising to most, a financial return. In the first case study, the Missouri Botanical Gardens was able to partner with a Fortune 500 company to reduce both the Garden's utility bills and emissions without spending a dime! In essence, the "for-profit" sponsor was able to donate a $100K+ system for 20% of the cost, and was able to get a payback period of just a few years. A win-win for both parties.

How Do I Make This Happen For My Business or Non-Profit Organization?
Go to microgridenergy.com for more information if you'd like your non-profit to get solar, or if you are a for-profit organization looking to sponsor a system for both PR and financial investment reasons.

About Missouri Botanical Gardens:
The Missouri Botanical Gardens is a center for botanical research and science education, as well as an oasis in the city of St. Louis.

About Microgrid Energy:
Microgrid Energy (microgridenergy.com) is a NABCEP solar integrator providing custom energy management services to residential and commercial clients in the Midwest.

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