A seven-foot motion-actived interactive wall we developed for the national fitness chain; Bally Total Fitness.

"The wall includes four separate applications – an unprecedented variety of functions for a device of its size and complexity. The most simple is the Bally Logo Break, which helps users learn how to control the screen by shattering the familiar red Bally logo into many smaller pieces, then moving them around to reveal fitness and nutrition tips. The Nutrition Wall application helps users gain knowledge that will help them inside the gym and out. The Workout Counselor enables gym members make the most out of their experience, providing exercise recommendations to target specific muscle groups. Finally, the Future Self application is a sort of “funhouse mirror” that shows users what they might look like if they keep at their workout routines." - Manifest Digital Blog

Technical details:
- Developed with Adobe Flash (actionscript 3) for the whole front-end application interface
- SoftKinetic IISU SDK for communication from the Kinect to Flash
- Four 46" LCD displays mounted vertically
- Xbox Kinect for motion sensing
- Logitec HD Pro Webcam C910 for taking high-definition captures of people

For more info check out my blog post:

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