Swimming with Dolphins, Power of Sound, Spiritual Healing, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Retreat, Big Island Hawaii

We're excited to be once again at the 'portal' house on the ocean, on the big island of Hawaii ~ the island of healing and transformation AND in sacred retreat during the upcoming 11-11-11 gateway.

With the big island Hawaii, being one of the major portals (multi-dimensional access points) on Earth, and the profound primal & transformational energy of Goddess Pele, the most active volcano in the world, combined with the joyful & high frequency energy of the dolphins, the big island of Hawaii is a powerful place to shift your energy & make positive transformations in your life!

In addition to, swimming with dolphins, sound healing, meditation, yoga, and multiple natural healing modalities and sacred ceremonies during the retreat we will have very special Kumu with us during the 11-11-11 ceremony.

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