A call and response project orchestrated by my friend Kate Spiller, a graduate teaching fellow in Temple University's Education program.

From Philly, Kate created a lesson plan on media for her grade school class (codename Team Robot Cheetah). In this exercise, the kids drafted video diary style questions to send across the country to me, and I in turn created a video diary of answers in response. What I did NOT know was that Kate videotaped the kids reaction to my video when she first showed it to them, a triangle-closing action that brings the whole thing to a smashingly fitting conclusion.

Thoroughly enjoyed this, one of the best things I've had the honor of being involved in over the past year. The genuine responses from the kids, their engagement and the palpable epiphany of how video, the web and the act of questioning (read:media) can open the world when those tools are properly harnessed.

Here I've stitched the three vids together in order: First the kids, then my response and finally them watching and reacting.

In the words of Trick Daddy Dollars, Barry Love Da' Kids!

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