A crust punk exterminator, serving out a prison sentence, enters an abandoned house to clear it of unspeakable termite monstrosities.

WINNER: "Local Grit" Indie Grits Film Fest 2012

Created for the ABC's of Death film Contest. Was one of 5 top runner ups and it's a BD live extra on the Magnet Releasing Blu Ray of the "ABC's of Death" feature length film.
Written, directed, shot, and edited by Steve Daniels
Kevin Byrd as GOAT
Termite FX by Michael Meyer
Original Music by Chris Bickel
Duo for Cello and Piano C minor by Dan Cook
Heather Bauer as Soldier Termite
Puppeteer....Rob Padley
Lighting.....Randy Schrader
Art Direction....W. Olaf Wegner
AC....Oren Malik
Concept Art.....Lyon Forrest Hill
Production Coordinator.....Katherine Perry
Sound Design....David Arthur / Steve Daniels
Fuck Off Prop.....Mike Williams
Digital FX......David Johnson
Punk Ephemera.....Steven Olexa, Rob Padley, Eric Parton, Katherine Perry
Polaroids...Shiggy Kobayashi
"Turn You A Blind Eye" by GUYANA PUNCH LINE
"Salvation or Annihilation" by ANTISCHISM

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