We hope you enjoy our latest film project for the RCBC trailer Trashed contest, Lord of Recycling.

Locations: Larry Wong
Make-up: Amanda Shairp
Cinematography: Nelson Talbot, Graham Talbot
2nd Camera: Corey Rollins
Animator: Stuart McGillery
AD: Nancy Shaw
Director: Kial Natale
Producer: Petr Salaba
Grip: Sepehr Samimi
Matte Paintings: Adrian Walker
Costuming: Richard Olak, Donna Natale
Music: Michael Wilson
Props: David Shaw
Compositing: Kial Natale, Jonathan Moxness

Fro-dude: Nicholas Porteous
Drunko: Conor Gomez
Grandork: Richard Toews
Elve-Rondo: Troy Rudolph
Aragrond: Richard Olak
Christinolas: Christine Gerson
Bryamli: Bryan LaBore
Lead Trash-orc: Jonathon Moxness
Trash Rider: Seth Isaak & Cort

Tarek Suliman
Adam Suliman
Jeremy Gillingham
Yannick Cudennec
Jesse O'Leary
Anasthasia Kabanova
Nancy Shaw

Janean Skapake
Nancy Shaw
Sepehr Samimi
Petr Salaba
Kial Natale

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