Real Play identifies the possibility of transporting the enjoyment and skills of electronic gaming for constructive use into the utilitarian electronic world. It challenges our complacent familiarity with everyday electronic objects and how we interact with them.

The washing machine is a clearly recogniseable archetype with implicit associations. It is a domestic workhorse that emancipated the house-wife to yield greater quality time. Ironically, quality time these days is increasingly invested in an electronic world, building skills to serve no useful purpose.

Real Play combines the washing machine with a gaming archetype, the arcade machine. In an age of almost immediate gaming obsolescence, the language of the arcade machine remains constant. With electronic circuits linked, the washing cycle becomes animated and dependent upon the gamer's skill and progress. Failure to progress beyond a certain gaming level means the wash will similarly fail to progress beyond the corresponding cycle stage, requiring the insertion of more coins to permit further attempts.

Real Play is a humorous design provocation intended to make us constructively re-evaluate our relationship with the electronic world. It is one manifestation of a bigger idea with scope that remains to be explored.

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