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Written & Directed by: Mark Sanders and Marc Roussel

Story by: Marc Roussel, Mark Sanders and Mark Thibodeau

Produced by: Ron Basch, Marc Roussel and Mark Sanders

Synopsis: What do an industrial chain manufacturer, a gold digging wife and international art thieves have in common….. Absolutely nothing! So how did all these strange people end up in the same factory with guns, knives and severed body parts?

Blaine Sutherland is a wealthy man; an industrial chain manufacturer living in the lap of luxury. Being filthy rich isn't one of the Seven Deadly Sins... but that hasn't kept Blaine from having a target painted on his back... and - thanks to his gold-digging wife and her boy-toy, Lance - his wallet.

Blaine's life turns upside-down in an instant when what seems like an ordinary day turns into a life-and-death confrontation with a ruthless band of international art thieves who invade his office, chop off one of his ears and demand that he divulge the whereabouts of a certain "Elusive Man".

Of course, Blaine has no idea what his tormentors are talking about. All he wants is his ear back! Who can he count on for help? The art thieves talk in riddles, and all his wife wants is as much filthy lucre as she can get her hot little hands on. And still, the question remains:

Who is the Elusive Man?


"As you sow, so you reap." This ambitious, bloody and darkly comic revenge fantasy from the award winning directing team of Mark Sanders (Boyfriend Latte, Split City) and Marc Roussel (Remote, Sweet Tooth) is an ever-expanding spiral of violence, betrayal and lies. Roussel and Sanders have once again joined forces with producer Ron Basch (Remote, Cellar) to create a film without good guys... only intriguing characters that get what they deserve and deserve everything they get!

Starring: George Komorowski, Samantha Farrow, Peter Racanelli, Ron Basch, Ken Hall, Veronika London and Ryan LeBar

Music by: Norman Orenstein
Production Designer: Katelyn Di Giulio
Edited by: Mark Sanders C.C.E.
Director of Photography: Robert Scarborough

Press Quotes:

“…twisted short that had the audience busting a gut.”
Sight on Sound: Dark Bridges Film Festival: Day 2 by Tyler Baptist

“Each eccentric person is backstabbing the other with the treachery reaching murderous lows.” 28Days Later – Horror News Site by Michael Allen

“Roussel and Sanders take two tried and true concepts, art theft and adultery, and turn them into something funny and unexpected…the turn of events at the end of the film will make you laugh out loud.” Eli Provenzano – Tulsa Indie Film Examiner

“The last ten minutes of this film were so cruel and funny…the dialogue and script were amazing.” James DePaulo – Horrorphilia Podcast

“With its brisk pace and charming wit, The Elusive Man is a simple but effective little treat that kept me smiling throughout.” The Mike– From Midnight, With Love

Screenings and Awards
2010 Houston Worldfest International Film Festival
2010 Seattle True Independent Film Festival
2010 Detroit Windsor International Film Festival
2010 Action On International Film Festival
* Nominated for BEST EDITING - SHORT
2010 Dragon-Con International Film Festival
* WINNER - Honorable Mention
2010 Naperville International Film Festival
2010 Louisville International Festival of Film
2010 Dark Bridges Film Festival
2010 Frankfurt’s Night of the Independent Film Festival
2010 ThrillSpy International Film Festival
2010 Terror Film Festival
* Nominated for 2 CLAW AWARDS
2010 Shocker Fest, Modesto California
2010 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival
* Nominated Best Foreign Film
* Nominated Best Production Design
* Winner Best Makeup and Hair
* Winner – Certificate of Distinctive Achievement for Best Visual Effects
* Nominated Best Costumes
Little Terrors - Toronto Film Series Vol. 2 - August 2011
2011 Tulsa International Film Festival
* Nominated Best Foreign Short Film

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