Seven Cats was created as a collaboration between MA Fine Art student at Warsaw Fine Art Academy,
Sylwia Podlaska, and her friend’s daughter, ten-year old girl Ruby James together with the students
of Film course at University College Falmouth. Ruby writes very interesting stories, full of humor,
often very abstract and with remarkable imagination and freedom; something that we all seem to
lose growing up. This inspired Sylwia to create the project called ‘Kids writing for Kids’ and make a
short film as part of it. Seven Cats is based on Ruby’s story titled ’7cats’ and all characters were
designed by her. The film is a documentation of the event which was a slide projection showed to
the close circle of family and friends. All slides were hand painted directly on to the film stock. The
project was supported by the students of Film course at University College Falmouth: Katarína
Compľová, Jake Chapman, Ella Watkins, Nicola Duke, Miles Bowe and Samantha Williams.

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