HEYYO!!! If you like this video by all means check out my Skinfection Trilogy, as well as Day of John.

Skinfection No.1: My Main Squeeze - vimeo.com/45295841
Skinfection No.2: Blackhead - vimeo.com/45295840
Skinfection No.3: Liplock - vimeo.com/47286362
Day of John - vimeo.com/30103212

I stayed up all night eating skittles trying to finish this submission for the ABC's of Death contest. I think I have an ulcer. I ran out of sugar in my coffee, and decided, "hey? why not live a little?" and I tossed a few skittles in my coffee. Wow. Talk about tasting the rainbow. And Apparently, rainbows taste like batteries.
Anyway, enjoy our little movie. It's about my parents.

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