Through the vehicle of "eskuché", I was able to bring my "Queen of WEENs" character to life where she is controlled by a council of genetically modified human forms (Zentards) that have no arms, and posses an advanced form of telepathy, allowing them to manipulate matter with their minds.

Shooting entirley in the decaying city of Detroit with multiple formats, gave the perfect backdrop for a surreal apocalyptic world.

Directed By: Madsteez : Mark Paul Deren
Produced By: Andrew Schwartz
Executive Producer: Andrew Schulenburg
Starring: Tatiana Andrea
Story By: Madsteez : Mark Paul Deren, Andrew Schwartz, Andrew Schulenburg
Edited By: Bobby Hacker
Director of Photography: Jack Coleman
Costume Design: Sherise Eways
Set Design: Dave Frey
Stunt Cordinators: Thomas Swartz, Russian
Original Score By: Kevin Burwick
Music: Populette "Lasers Are Forever" : Throne of Blood

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