We will be doing some informative videos on some beginner builds.
Step by step on how I make your own items to save money on the build as i do.

Will try to go into as much detail as I can to make it simple.
will do every build in text and photos on the web page
as well as links to this and other video sites.

Hope our videos are informative and helpful. With your comment and suggestions I will get better at them.
thank you for your support and input.

I in noway claim to have or not have come up with the ideas I will use in my videos. There are a lot of people to claim to be the first in something: but there is also a lot of information out there. So many people may have same or similar ideas . I will be using Ideas I may have seen or thought of myself. This site is going to be a place to show how I use the ideas in my own builds on RCs. I will try to be as informative as i can. Hopping my videos will get better as I learn from your comments as well as my own research.
Thank you , BruceM

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