Greetings everyone!

The name is Karash, I'm one of the MVPs of the german forum-community.

"Warden of Eternity" is my very first bigger WoW-Machinima and was created last year. Finally I managed to get an english subtitleing to the german synchronization, although some people dislike foreign synchronized movies I still hope you can get most out of this anyway.



Tenthousand years ago...

...the demonic army of the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth and brought death and destruction to the people of Kalimdor. As the world's last line of defense stood the Kaldorei, whose power-hungry queen Azshara had used the magical powers of the Well of Eternity to pave the Burning Legion's way.
Just recently the Kaldorei had to mourn the death of Marinda, highpriestess of their goddess Elune, who had accepted the duty after the capture of her predecessor Tyrande Whisperwind by the Burning Legion.

Now the ambicious priestess Maiev Shadowsong was assigned the task to bring Elune's children a glimmer of hope in their darkest hour, while her new title brings her closer together with her estranged brother Jarod...


Software used:
-Sony Vegas

Special Thanks:
Cuirina for her awesome Outro-Song "Maiev" which she wrote exclusive for this movie!

All of my voice actors, namely:
Cuirina, Kaelan, Wallace, Marian, Tikka, S.P. , ThudaDragon, Sternchen

Adnaw for her help with the subtitles

Hope you enjoy watching!


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