This is a new release of the documentary "Bharrah-Toush - The Gate" with some additional subtitles and enhanced bitrate.

For a couple of years I have had the privilege of attending some of the performances of my friend Stefan Laug, to film and photograph his work. The two performances shown in this documentary had to take place at night time in a certain time frame during the eclipse of the moon on 21st of December 2010 at two special power spots in the Forest of Huelgoat in Brittany, in the 'Grotte d'Artus' (Arthur's Cave) and not far from it at the 'Camp d'Artus' (Arthur's Camp). As usual the circumstances of these performances in nature challenged the photographing and filming of them, with difficult lighting conditions, humidity and frosty temperatures, which frogged the lenses. However we succeeded to capture the energetic presence in unabridged footage which invite the observer to meditate.

Artist Stefan Laug has studied at the Academy of Arts and Design in Stuttgart, in Germany. He has received several state and national scholarships for his art work. Stefan's artistic projects, prayers and songs, which he performs worldwide, reflect his experiences of silence, meditation and transcendence, through intense experiences with the Divine Light. He receives the inspiration for his artistic works from encounters with the 'White Brotherhood' (also known as the Great Brotherhood of Light), the Ascended Masters of wisdom who guide him to do his work. His artistic works reveal to us deep mental, psychic and spiritual messages and make us familiar with another dimension of human existence in the present big change of consciousness at this time, with these world events and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The title of this performance by Stefan Laug in the Forest of Huelgoat, as well as for this documentary is not known in any known language. The word descended through Stefan's internal spiritual perception. Through this perception Stefan also receives instructions for what type of performances are to be done, about the location and the right time, and the directions for these complex healing transformations. Through this Stefan Laug brings in a totally unique art form of expression and realisation that inspires global consciousness.

From the whole spectrum and reach of his work, so far only some aspects and manifestations can be presented to the broad public, as can be seen in With this documentary it becomes actively possible to get a living insight into this notably successful performance.

From all of my heart my gratitude goes to Stefan regarding this grand opportunity to become part of some selected performances with the assignment to capture them as a video documentary. I also direct my gratitude to the Ascended Masters behind the scenes of the material world, who inspire this work and present power and protection to it.

W.K.M. Holderstock
in July 2011

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