Walter is a metaphor for a design process, that’s being visualised through an animation.
The central point of this animation is the realisation of a creative concept, that in the end will start living its own life.
This of course is approached from the point of view of the imagination.

In this animation you will meet the puppet Walter.
Walter is being confronted with reality.
An understanding that has a completely different meaning for puppets than for humans.
Humans judge things based on their experiences.
Walter sees this as short minded, there is more than our senses tell us.
But how safe is it for humans if fiction becomes reality?
In this story Walter discovers his own reality. He realizes that he has been created and animated by humans.
Walter is starting to doubt his whole existence .
But he is told that his existence is about a cooperation between man and puppet and that they need each other to meet in the imaginary world.

Walter has to accept that he’s being animated by a higher power.
But this higher power has to make sure that Walter leads a happy and pleasant life.

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