Video installation presented in "Nuit Blanche 11", at The Metropolitan United Church of Toronto, (2011)

Using video and sound, Ascension is an experience of a mise en abyme, an exploration of infinity, inside the Metropolitan United Church. Hayeur is known for work that responds adequately to a site and engages sensory perceptions in space. This work seeks to explore the body's experience and the sensory effects of sacred architecture. A video projection onto a large vertical screen creates the impression that the nave of the church extends endlessly along a winding path. Variations of the video are presented in sequence. A sound environment based on ambient noise and electronic music, composed by Nicolas Bernier, sets a different atmosphere for each sequence. The installation draws attention to the architecture of the church and provides visual and auditory experience of spatiality. The images and soundscape are a response to the qualitative dimensions of the space and echoes the architecture of the church. Visitors are immersed in an experience of transcendent acoustic and visual journey.

Shirley Madill curator

Computer, video projector, sound system

Directing & editing: Isabelle Hayeur
Sound design: Nicolas Bernier
3D animation: Jean-François Gauthier
MAX MSP programming: Marie-Hélène Parant
Assistant: Frédéric Saia

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