5,6,7,8 Life Don't Count You In

A procession of fools. A parade of champions. Life don't count you in.

An expression of the unpredictability and fragility of life.
How everything we know and accept can change in an instant. How the universe often acts in strange and inexplicable ways. How the world we live in can be as beautifully baffling as it is terrifying. As filled with joy as with horror. As strange and as silent as it screams your name.

A theatre production by students of Monash University's Centre for Theatre and Performance. Directed by Angus Cerini.

13th - 15th October
The Drama Theatre,
Monash University Clayton Campus
Victoria, Australia
Reservations ph: (03) 9905 1111

Video production by Miguel Kong
Guest Appearance by Bronte Robertson

Performed by:

James Robertson
Jonathan Powell
Georgia Mahony
Jillian Britton
Genevieve Atkins
Madeline Anderson
Tegan Harrod
Samantha Dowdeswell
Rebecca York
Casey Bohan
Emily McFarlane
Kaitlyn Clare
Miguel Kong
Jessica Arthur
Tom Molyneux
Tess Chappell
Harley Hefford

Technical Team:

Production Manager: Jess Frost
Stage Manager: Rachel Pemberton, Lisa De Silva
Lighting Operator: Thomas Lawton
Lighting Designer: Travis Hodgson, Lindon Beh

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