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2act is a production company formed by artists from a variety of disciplines who currently specialize in the expertise required for fast turn-around, character driven, often improvised / devised film and TV production and collaboration.
The Academy, co-produced by DLT Entertainment (My Family, As Time Goes By), is 2act's first flagship foray into the world of comedy. The completed film currently stands at 48 mins; a commercial hours "special". For more info, get in touch at: facebook.com/murraymckellen


  1. jonas grimas
  2. Francesco Nencini Director
  3. Robert McIntosh
  4. Ryan McGuire
  5. TwoPlusTu
  6. Daniel Nickson
  7. kemik hardy
  8. Andrew Shire
  9. Catsnake
  10. Sofi Lee- Henson
  11. Jamie Sims
  12. Cork On The Fork Productions
  13. Red Eye Photography
  14. Sophie Kendrick
  15. Ralph Bogard
  16. Elliot Cowan
  17. Ghostfoot
  18. Jesse Roesler