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2 Crackers & a Lamp Productions has always been about making movies that are off the chain! If it aint funny, honest, & real...then why waste an hour & a half of someone's life with boo boo?! I am Chad Hendricks & I grew up on a steady diet of Eddie Murphy & Cheech & Chong tapes, along with a love for all the raunchy comedies of the 80's (Porky's, Losin It, Bachelor's Party, etc). Mix in Sanford & Son, Good Times, & What's Happening and POOF!, you have the makings of 2 Crackers & a Lamp Productions.

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  1. beautiful short! I'd love to show it on our new TV Channel, Mee Mee TV 18.1:) We show only shorts, docs, features & music videos made by fellow Duvillians...thank you, Chad at www.MeeMeeTVJax.com