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  1. Studio Ni

    Studio Ni


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    Olá, Em Julho de 2015 os sócio-diretores e fundadores do Studio Ni, Daniel Barros e Baboo Matsusaki, decidiram seguir caminhos diferentes e encerrar a sociedade. O que significa na prática que o Studio Ni estará encerrando suas atividades, mas que os profissionais que fizeram…

  2. Baboo Matsusaki

    Baboo Matsusaki


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    Hi there! I'm Baboo Matsusaki, an art director based/motion designer on Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can check out more of my work at daemonfilmes.tv If you want to contact me, please send an email to baboo@daemonfilmes.tv Or you can call me at my mobile, 55 11 98097-8179 Or even talk to me trough…

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