On this episode of Networking: We head down to PB to check out the "take back the alley 2" Pacific Drive event. It is definitely one of my favorite annual events, who could you go wrong, your a block from the beach, surrounded by beautiful women, good friends, beer, a perfect mini ramp in the middle of the street and this year the legend Sal Barbier mc'd the event. Thanks to Jim and the whole PD crew for putting on such an epic event!

Kyle and Chris both ripped so hard, they had to have a skate off on an old school Madrid board to declare the winner. Although it was very close, Berard stepped away the victor and took the big money. Props to everyone that ripped out there today it was a madhouse.
1st Kyle Berard $1500
2nd Chris Gregson $1000
3rd Josh Borden $750
4th Wes Kremer $500
5th Josh Matthews $300
6th Neal Mims $250
7th Chad Shetler $150
8th Chad Bartie $50

Music- Iggy Pop "I got a Right" sourced by lurkville.com/ Skateboards
Video brought to you by networkskate.com

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