Join presenters Niamh Foley and Dean Scurry for another fast-paced, topical and searingly funny episode of DOLE TV. There's an update on the Showdown In Smithfield between Tesco and The Complex arts centre, the further adventures of animated waster Dotzy, and an interview with director Jonathan Lambert, a rising star on the Irish scene. With superb comedy and hip-hop pieces rounding out a crammed twenty minutes, DOLE TV is the most fun you can have on €188 a week!

Dole TV challenges media norms with cheeky wit and brutal honesty. It's a fresh look at Dublin & Ireland from those most affected by the death of the Celtic tiger. A mix of comedy skits, revealing interviews and breaking art. It exposes the scandals of our times. A voice for intelligence in a time of stupidity.

Dole TV features the people of Ireland and the engrossing stories you all have to tell. You can get involved by contacting There are irreverent animations, recorded shorts, live studio magic and, most importantly, normal people. There's no corporate sponsor making us bend over. There's no party line to choke on. There's no mass-medias agenda. The focus is what is happening in Dublin and Ireland. Unbiased and unfiltered.

This is a volunteer show made by jobless and forced part-time workers. The show is recorded in DCTV's Templebar studio in the heart of Dublin. This is a chance to vent anger. A chance to poke fun. A pulpit to preach from and a soap-box to denounce the preachers.

Dublin is blessed with artistic talent coming out its ears. Dole TV showcases brand new players, jokers and scribblers from around the city. The Celtic Phoenix rises from the ashes of the Celtic Tiger. The Celtic Phoenix isn't a monitory fixation. It's a creative compulsion that has saves our country's reputation again and again. We've always had a peerless light in our times of darkness.

Dole TV needs your input. Videos, songs, graffiti, humour, words, raps, scrawls, technical work, organisational work. Things you've already recorded or ideas for collaboration. Get in contact or we'll never know.

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