The Rapture Salvation Song


Sing Hallelujah! Well just watch and pray
Yeshua's coming, He's coming our way
We got no worries coz we are already saved
In the clouds we will meet him Oh glorious day

My brother and sister Jesus is late
The Bridegroom has tarried just like he said
God's Word is like clockwork, there are no mistakes
So fill up your oil and fill up your faith

Just keep on rejoicing just look up and pray
His name on our lips soon will gaze on his face
We’ll be changed in an instant up up and away
To be with our Saviour forever always

Just hold on there brother, you know just in case
If you don't Jesus/Yeshua today
It is my duty and it is my place
To let you know that you too can be saved

I confess I am saved by his grace
He washed me and cleansed me by his blood that was shed
I have known him a long time and He's always the same
Yeshua will save you if you call on his name

Yeshua loves you regardless of age
Gender income your background your race
He loved you before foundations were laid
On this earth that we live on today

Yeshua loves you He knows you by name
He knows number of hairs on your head
He's always loved you before time became
Tomorrow’s no good please receive him today

God is so good to me I must confess
Yeshua is Lord He’s the crème de le crème
If you believe in your heart and you confess by faith
That you’re a sinner and you need to be saved

Put your hands together and begin to pray
Yeshua save me as I call on your name
I believe in my heart and I confess by faith
You died on that cross so our sins would be paid

To wash and cleanse us your blood was shed
And the so the innocent Lamb of God was slain
But you are the Lord, and on that third day
You conquered death and you rose from grave

The powers of darkness you put them to shame
You destroyed all bonds and you broke all chains
Sin used slave us but we are no more enslaved
Mankind is free by faith in Yeshua Name

I am sorry for all my sins I repent
Please wash me and cleanse me from my sins I pray
Deliver me from evil and my ungodly days
Please save my family please save my friends

Perfect love casts out fear I am no more afraid
I receive your love and I receive your grace
Thank you my Saviour for you have saved
Another sinner who called on Yeshua’s Name

Welcome to the kingdom you just got saved
And if you want to know what God has to say
The 1611 King James Bible says
Faith cometh by hearing as you read it day after day

My sheep hear my voice that’s what Yeshua said
Congratulations for you just became
A citizen of Heaven where we party all day
Rejoicing is non-stop forever always

All Glory Honour Power and Praise
Love Joy Peace Happiness be unto His reign
His kingdom’s everlasting rejoicing always
Worthy is the Lamb of God that was slain

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