A hard-hitting film about the Tuareg people
of North Africa, how they have been
marginalised, divided, had their land
stolen and their culture repressed.

Filming in secret, with no travel documents and no licence to film, Akli Sh’kka, his cameraman and guide set out to tell the story of the people who live in the Sahara Desert. Passing through difficult terrain, they met with various tribes throughout the desert and in some villages.
Their aim? Simply to establish the truth about Tenere, one of the least-known places on the planet. That, alas, meant exposing the intolerable political situation of the Tuareg.

The film makers fervently hope that they have been able to bring home to the outside world the realities of this unknown land, and that their film will engage the human sympathies of fair-minded people who might, in however small way, help to influence the decision-makers of the planet.

“This film is dedicated to my late friend Bassi & those British friends who have particularly helped make it possible. I also dedicate it to my own suffering people, the Tuareg or Amazigh, in whichever country they currently find themselves.”

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