GBNT Tangencial EXD'11 Project
from 29/09 to 15/10 in Plataforma Revólver
Opening 29/9 at 22h in Boavista Street 84 Lisbon

Reflection about the “Machine” as a metaphor for “a thing that turns one thing into another thing.” “Machine — Culture of the Process” is a project about the project. It develops around itself. It is the difference between a scientific approach of the Project and an artistic self-performative approach. Its goal is to reflect about the future of the Project and the Culture of the Process. Because each project is involved in unique environments of resources, typologies, history, identity, authorship, nature, function, production, implementation, technology, timing, markets, public. And because it acts in complex and constantly changing scenarios, the design methodology, the analysis and the work, can ́t remain unchanged or static, it has to be dynamic, adapted, rethought, reinvented. To respect the doctrine is also to question it.


Instalação (Vídeo) e Exposição (Fotografia, Som). Registo do processo de produção do Jornal diário “Público” do dia 4 de Setembro de 2011. O Jornal. A Máquina rotativa. O Mecanismo. Os Bastidores. Utilidade. Trabalho. Valor.

O GBNT (GABINETE) actua nas áreas do design Gráfico, Equipamento e Vídeo. É dirigido por Paula Dona, Vasco Ferraz e Miguel Chichorro. Existe desde 2007. É em Lisboa. Para o projecto “Máquina — Cultura do Processo” conta com a colaboração de Emanuele Zamponi (Studio Love Eman) na Fotografia e com Nuno Silva (Sounds Real) no Som.

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