Currently on view at Place
through Oct 9th, 2011

700 SW 5th Avenue
3rd Floor Thu-Sun 12-6pm

Banal Movements
Closing party Fri Oct 7th 7-10pm!

Here's a rather elaborate but fairly amorphous description:

Enter the dragon chasing vortex of self-enhancement schemes imagined and realized by post-WWII leisure addicts, nursing the soft concerns of first world wounds with a third world salve of dubious origin, rubbed into the psyche through repetitive circular motions.

Well trained in the destructive art of dissatisfaction, as exemplified by the glamorized global colonial class, we risk suffocation within a self-imposed killing jar of confectionary stimulus. When our over-saturated sensors are rendered useless, many naturally embrace the only escape available, an absolution of all cognitive input discretion, resulting in a uniquely mindless sanctuary found within the banal vacuum of streaming mundanity.

Reminiscent of meringue pie and reflective of our culture's relative faith in nothing, the zen-like emptiness of the trivial and superficial offers us a perfectly amorphous sense of being. If desire is suffering, we as a society have found the most accessible, and affordable, narcotic and/or religion for our transient pain, unabashed meaninglessness.

This work is dedicated to the progenitors of chronic mundanity.

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