1. God is One Spirit, Whose Essence is Love, Goodness, Truth, and Beauty.
2. He is All Powerful, thereby removing all power from form and effect,
3. He is Everywhere Present and therefore present right where I am.
4. He expresses Himself as my Individual Consciousness, through which He manifests Himself as All Wisdom, All Knowledge, and All Power in every situation and at every single moment of my life.
5. He appears as my Perfect Life, when I first renounce the human belief in good and evil, and affirm that God is the Only Power, the Only Presence, the Only Law, and the Only Activity, and I am the expression of His Life in Time and Space.
6. He expresses Himself as the individual consciousness of all men, but this Blessed Truth benefits only those who are consciously aware of His Presence, and who are willing to experience His Life as their own.
7. He has no favorite religion, race or creed, but is the heartbeat of all men for all time.
8. He is Eternal and Indestructible, and, when actually experienced by men,
9. Destroys all sin, sickness, disease, lack, and limitation of any name or nature.
10. He communicates His Will and Direction to all men, giving specific guidance to each one of us at our point of need, but His Love benefits only those who can be still and listen for His Still, Small Voice, and who can summon the inner courage and will to see the Universe though His Eyes.
11. He flows as an Infinite River of Life, Light, and Understanding, through our individual God given consciousness, our minds, our bodies, and our world of affairs, and He uses our individual consciousness as His Gate,
12. Through which He appears as the substance of all harmonious form, and the destroyer of all that testifies to deceit and illusion, and
13. And, last, He shares with us all that He is, and all that He has, giving us His Name, I, and His Nature, Love.
Given in Meditation, Sunday, March 6th, 2005
Richard Peter
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