Motorola Reach by Joanne Cone, a Design for Industry student at School of Design at Northumbria University produced this concept in collaboration with students from Hong-ik University and Motorola Seoul Design Office. The Global Studio project was on the theme of 'Entertainment on the Go'

Joanne describes the idea in the following way: This video explains the product "Reach" a mobile gaming device. It was designed for Motorola for 'gaming while on the move'.

'Reach' has games that encourage you to get up and move!

The on screen player in the games moves as you move.

This works by using the device's removable infra-red clips.

The gaming device's removable clips interact with the device via Infra-red. There is a 4-axis accelerometer inside the device so that as you move the device during play, the clips receive this information and move the player in correspondence with your movements, on screen.

More information about the Global Studio is available from or mirror website

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