Imagine strapping a propane tank and a 40lb duffle bag to your head by way of a burlap strap and hauling the weight on your back up a hill at 8000ft above sea level, across a bridge, through a customs line-up, across an international border and up another hill for the equivalent of $6.00 CAD. Would you do it? Now ask yourself... Could you do it?

Now... Imagine this. Imagine you have an infant strapped to the front of your chest. Specifically, your son or daughter that you have recently given birth to. In order to feed your newly born child, you must strap a duffle bag and over 30lbs of equipment to your head and carry it across an international border for the equivalent of $6.00. Would you do it?

Shot by Elia Saikaly on an iPhone4 (not so legal) at the Chinese Tibetan border.

Edited in Final Cut Pro.

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