A videoclip for a piece by polish-american duo of hip-hop fellows - OSTR & Craig G.

Clip follows the lyrics and tells a story of one particular meeting which gone out of control. The sets are based on two locations: Baluty - famous district of one of the polish main cities Lodz, and Brooklyn, NY.

MADE IN 10 DAYS (sic!) by BURY TUKAN - a joint venture of Michal Poniedzielski and Remigiusz Wojaczek.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

direction, animation, art: BURY TUKAN (Michal Poniedzielski & Remigiusz Wojaczek)
screenplay & production management: Tomasz Kulesza
starring: Artur Birnbaum
music: OSTR
lyrics: OSTR & Craig G.
decks: DJ Haem
production: Papaya Films

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