Directed by Federico Monsalve

Director of photography Allan Johnston

Music video for "Kiwi Christmas"
by the Kerr Street Crew
(Vanessa Rare,

Indi Star

G Leavasa “Stks,"
Daniel Munro,
Kip Tipuna,
Ross Larsen,
produced by Adee Keil).

updated. In a move not much unlike the British movie the "Full Monty" (where a troupe of unemployed beneficiaries band together to create a show to support themselves and their families), this week a group of beneficiaries released a Christmas carol with a very distinct kiwi feel and a whole lot of heart. The troupe of unemployed musicians met less than a month ago at a seminar put together by the The Depot and wrote "A Kiwi Christmas" in an hour and recorded it in record time.

The result is a Christmas pop wonder: a tune driven by a soulful violin melody, an infectiously catchy beat and the sort of lyrics that, as The Depot programme Manager Lynn Lawton said, “make the hair at the back of your neck stand up.” The band is composed of: Vanessa Rare (Shortland Street actress who played Tama’s mother and who also acted as Rata in Gaylene Preston’s 1990 feature film “Ruby and Rata”), Kip Tipuna, a guitarist whose trade mark are his pure white false finger nails and red shoes, a 6 ft 3 multi talented Tongan named STKX who sounds like “Prince”, Daniel Munro, a young Cat Stevens look alike, Indi Star, a violinist who once toured with Hothouse Flowers and Australian Idol, Ross Larsen, an accomplished bass guitarist and Adee Keil, an ex R&B Hip Hop Manager.

"The recession has seen a lot of us fall by the wayside and the work just… isn’t there. I must have sent over 200 CVs and in the end found myself re-training with the help of The Depot programme" quotes Vanessa Rare. Yet instead of seeing this as a quick money making scheme, the musos have agreed that all proceeds from the sale of the song will go to people even more strapped for income this Christmas season and will donate those takings to the Auckland City Mission.

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