Litago Nordic World Ski Championship is a ultimate multiplayer game built on the identity of the Litago brand and the championship which took place in Norway during Februar and March 2011. Litago wanted to create a game where cheering would be of a central part. Therefor, a multiplayer game with a 2 player team, where one players cheers the other one on as he is skiing became the game idea. In addition to the web based game we created an iPhone App to reinforce the concept of cheering. By shaking the phone at the actual races during the championship, simulating cheering, the players could earn extra medals and points in the game.

Players pick special features ranging from simple body items such as shoes, hats, hoodies to a high-impact speed rocket. Either practice on your own or meet human adversity, in a real-time multiplayer challenge. The Game involves tactical choices, team play cooperation and in-game intelligence to achieve success.

In a campaign period of 24 days, and a country with approximately 4.8 million inhabitants, we proudly present:

- 164 393 visits
- 116 830 unique visitors
- 862 331 page views
- 181 574 team invites
- 119 992 game invites
- 53 781 change of clothes and weapons on their Litago
- 55 000 chat messages
- 1149 share on Facebook

- 69 193 ski relays have been completed, but with 4 people in each relay, the actual amount of games are 276 772.

- The winner has played the game 2677 times.
It takes approximately 2 minutes to finish a game, which means that he has spend around 90 hours in pure gaming time. How much time he has spent in total if we count all other aspects of the site, we don´t know for sure.

- The top 10 has played more then 11 323 times.
That gives a total time of 377 hours in pure gaming time.

Ad Agency: Los&Co
Production: Good Morning

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