Vimeo partnered with ArtPrize and put out the call for people to shoot interviews, time-lapses, events, and the wonderful people of Grand Rapids.

Vimeo compiled the submitted footage and edited together a short crowd sourced documentary about The Art of Inspiration.

We were proud to have 98 individuals join our project and 56 videos submitted in total. Check out all of the videos submitted here:

Thanks to all who submitted footage and provided interviews!

Footage submitted by:
Nicholas Kuiper, Anna Gustafson, SEI Studios, Aron Amond, Scopitone VidBox, Michelle Pittman, Karen Dunnam, Rapid Media, Hilary Cummins, Jonathan Brilliant, Carole Feuerman, Brent A. Saulic, Steven Soles, DVS Creative, Ryan Wyrick, Reed Multimedia, Kate Luttman, Jessica Matousek, Emily Gerlach, Jericho Castillo, Katie Fisher, Ryan Aeschliman, Elizabeth Shepard, Nick McVey, Casey DiDonato, Amber Andrews, Brian Hedrick, Kyle Hoogewarf, Thomas White, Christina Miller, James Soles, Elisabeth Haviland James, Lynda Ostosh, SUCH Video, Canvas Voice, Filippo Tagliati, Gretchen Vinnedge, River City Improv, Jason James, Kendall College of Art & Design, Grand Rapids Griffins / Occam Photography, John Vanderhaggen.

Kevin Buist, Filippo Tagliati, Mia Tavonatti, Ryan Spencer Reed, Mary Geeting, Deanna Morse, Paddy Johnson, Boshra al Saadi, Vyana Slattery, Soba One, Michael McCafrey.

Music by:
The Little Village

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