Hornet director Gabe Askew premieres his music video for Bluebrain's Ten by Ten song, off of the album Soft Power. The band approached Gabe after they saw his unofficial music video for Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks. Offered full creative license, and spanning a period of six months, Gabe developed our CG hero as he navigates through a surreal environment. Gabe drew upon the events happening in the nation during the economic crash to create an enigmatic narrative.

With the recession directly affecting Gabe's own life, this video explores the themes of hard work and perseverance in moments of crisis. At the time of the video’s creation, Gabe was in between day jobs and at the same time garnering a mass influx of attention due to his Two Weeks video. These elements of uncertainty coupled with industriousness influenced the journey of the main character in the music video. With hope and optimism as a foundation for this video, Gabe has taken us on a mysterious quest beyond time and money, and out of the chains that bind our hero.

Directed and animated by Gabe Askew
Record Label: Lujo Records

Additional modeling, shading, and rigging by Austin Hernandez and James Atilano.

Bluebrain is Ryan Holladay and Hays Holladay.

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