In search of the sublime, Mr. Fireman spends most of his time conducting radical experiments of self-obliteration, an ecstatic process in which he puts himself into a hypnotic trance, mentally deleting parts of his body.

Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov's "The Original of Laura", his incomplete final novel.

Evoking a sense of time and nostalgia, the film uses archive film footage which is manipulated, reconstructed and combined with newly created digital animation, special effects and sound, provoking new ideas and experiences.

Directed by Bill Domonkos

Music: Excerpts from "Carnival of Light" 2010
by Aero-Mic'd

A note about copyright: All of my films use archive photos and film footage that are in the public domain. I only use music/sounds that are under the creative commons license or I purchase the rights to use a specific piece of music—or I have permission from the author.

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