Foam on the Farmington River, Collinsville Ct.
The song is Hymn III from The Sinking of the Titanic by Gavin Bryars.

This is the first video I've done with Premier Pro. I had been editing with Final Cut Express, and I was going to upgrade when Apple released their new program this summer. To say I was dismayed with the new product would be an understatement. I refused to be talked down to, and I purchased Premier Pro.

The video details are that this was shot with a Panasonic TM700 in 1080p mode. The files were imported into Premier Pro and the clip was slowed to 25%. This is a 75% reduction in speed. The color was shifted and it changes over the duration of the clip. This is the result, and I have to say I'm delighted with it. Sure, there are things I'd change, but overall I'm impressed. I don't have to convert the MTS files into something that Final Cut can use any longer and that's a huge savings in time and memory. I had no trouble shifting from FC to Premier, in fact it took a day and a half to learn the program and make this video. I'm not saying I know it all yet, but I know enough to produce something I could never do in FCE. I found the controls more precise that FCE, and that I'm in complete control of the creative process. Compare this video with River 3. Same subject, same camera, same location. This is done in Premiere Pro, River 3 was edited with Final Cut Express. The video has a bit of hesitation if you are on an older computer. If you see this effect,turn off the HD, it should improve.

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