Occupy Richmond held its first organization meeting on Thursday, October 6 at 5:30 PM in Monroe Park in Richmond, Virginia. There were approximately 250 individuals there. -SP

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Below is the report from occupyrichmondva.org as it appeared on 10-08-2011 3:42 PM.
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General Assembly, 5:30–Sundown,
Monroe Park, VCU, 10/6
Posted on October 7, 2011

At 5:30 p.m. on 10/6/11, OccupyRichmond met up for its first General Assembly in Monroe Park. A couple hundred very passionate, very excited people gathered in the center of the park to discuss the movement and logistics of future activities. After a brief introduction to such GA communication tools as hand signals and the People’s Mic, the assembly broke into smaller groups to discuss the proposed dates and locations for the actual Occupation.

Not every moment went as smoothly as we hoped, but we got off to a good start. Breaking into smaller groups in order to come to a modified consensus proved very effective. These sub-groups allowed people to discuss the date of the future event, as well as some of the more personal reasons for why they showed up.

On a basis of modified consensus (90% in favor), OccupyRichmond settled on the date of October 15 to hold the first main event. One concern for this day was that there was already another protest (for womens’ health rights) scheduled at Monroe Park on this same day. OccupyRichmond decided to support this protest by convening in Monroe Park from 1-3. At 4:00, another General Assembly will be held to reach modified consensus of our occupation location and move toward that location.

By 6:45, it was getting dark, and we realized that we would need to wrap things up since technically, the park closes at sunset. It was announced that the group could move to the VCU compass (located between the Hibbs dining hall and Cabell Library) to continue further discourse. About 50+ people showed up to further the discussion. All in all, the entire evening’s events proved that Richmond is excited about this movement and willing to put their shoulders together for this brave new experiment in community solidarity.


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