I was able to go to Europe this past April and it was the best trip i have been on so far. I met up with Keegan, Forest, Jon, Forest, and Dill Pickle in Munich, Germany for those guys to do the Nike 6.0 Air&Style contest. We stayed there for a week and were able to go out into town and skate around and check everything out. Then after that, Keegan, Forest, Benny, and myself flew to Helsinki, Finland to go film some actual snowboarding. We rented a tiny little red car that barely fit us and our stuff in it and stayed in a nice hostel downtownish. We drove around everyday looking for spots and ended up finding some really good ones.... some kids from Switzerland who do Shaba Productions out there, were in our hostel and even showed us a spot. This is the footage from start to finish of our trip.... Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Givin and everyone who made this trip happen!

Additional Filming:
Jon Francis
Forest Bailey
Benny Urban
Dylan Fait
Alexis De Tarade

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