In the future, your speech is dictated to the Internet in bitesize social-media chunks, and without followers, you're nothing...

A bit like Twitter.

Winner of Best Director, Best Acting and the Audience Choice Award at the 48 Hour Film Competition: London.

A Tea Fuelled Production
In Assoc. with Native Star Productions

Cast: @Clegg - Ben Benson
@Sanders - Nathan Wright
@Lackey - Jennifer Breen
@HotGirl - Nikki Blemings
@HotGirl2.0 - Antonia Ventura
@RealHotGirl - Errol McGlashan
@HotTramp - Alastair Binnie Lubbock
@ManinHat - William Harry Mitchell
@ManwithFace - Thom Hutchinson
@partygirl - Karie Atmore

Director - Ant Stones
DoP - Richard A Jephcote
Writers - George 'Superbard' Lewkowicz, Thom Hutchinson, Katy Whitehead
Producer - Alastair Binnie-Lubbock
Editors - John Thorpe, Richard A Jephcote
Composer - George Lewkowicz
Production Designer - Katherine Harding
Production Assistants - Antonia Ventura, Katie Atmore, Rachel Lewis
Camera Asssistant - Farah Abu Rous
Associate Producer - Kris Bealing

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