This is a video section starring Shaun White that I directed for the Burton Snowboards film "The B".

The winter of 2009 was an exciting one for pipe riding as it saw the biggest explosion of progression in years, possibly ever. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was approaching and everyone was eager to get their runs and combos dialed in. Shaun had something different in mind. Something slightly bigger.

Shaun wanted to take things to the next level. So he had Red Bull build him a training facility that was in such a remote location that no one could witness what he was attempting. They built him a half pipe on the backside of Silverton in Colorado. A spot that only back-country enthusiasts would go. Not your average pipe rider.

Shaun's idea was to learn a series of double corks and to link them in to one run. Learning these tricks are extremely dangerous as we saw a few months later when fellow Burton rider Kevin Pearce took a very bad fall in a pipe run and incurred a serious life threatening, career ending injury.

In order to build the half pipe they had to repeatedly bomb the mountain to trigger avalanches so that the snow would be deep enough at the base in order to dig the pipe. Shaun also had a foam pit installed at the bottom of the pipe so he could safely train and get used to the double corks without the risk of trying them for the first time on the icy hard pipe wall.

I was making the Burton film this year. I wanted to document Shaun as he was learning these tricks. I had made a pipe section for Shaun a couple years earlier in Picture This. But the part in PT was more about the flow and beauty of pipe riding. I wanted this one to be a little more hard core to match the progression and location.

My idea was first to take advantage of the pipe being in the back-country. I wanted to start the section as if it was an Alaska segment. Second I wanted to show the seriousness of trying these tricks. I knew we would be capturing plenty of crashes. But I wanted to show what it is like close up for Shaun. To show the dedication he has. The problem is that there is almost never a camera close up in those situation in the pipe. So I had Shaun do a quick reenactment of what he feels like after a fall so I could get a camera in his face.

The result is a fun, action packed pipe section. I really liked how it turned out.

Shot with:

Tim Manning
Gabe L'heureux
Sean Aaron
Curt Morgan

Song: Iron Swan
Artist: The Sword

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