On the 5th of October 2011, the SoundClouders from Paris were getting together at the Aperock Café to feature their sounds and speak about their meaning of sound.
It's the SoundCloud Global Meetup Day in Paris !

Huge thanks to all the attendees:
Sir Amon RedCastle - soundcloud.com/sir-redcastle
FJ Galaxy - soundcloud.com/itblacksound
OHES - soundcloud.com/ohes
Andrez D. - soundcloud.com/andrezd
Allestones - soundcloud.com/allestones
Djeli Moussa Diawara - soundcloud.com/djeli-moussa-diawara
Label CybearSonic - soundcloud.com/cybearsonic

by Veens - soundcloud.com/veens / soundcloud.com/intuitionmusique

Music by Breakbot soundcloud.com/breakcloud/yuksek-extraball-bbot-remix

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