This is a work in progress, partly screen captured in Snapz Pro and partly screen captured in Screenium. Using an original Garageband mixdown of a MIDI tabulation of Wild Turkey by Jefferson Airplane.

The original composition, that I 'Russian Dolled' the macro patches of was itself a variant by gabemott upon a tutorial post by goto

I must admit, considering the fact that I effectively doubled the number of patches [one set of awesome lines for each Waveform spectrum channel] and then trebled them , to create Low Middle and High value rendering pairs, it is worthwhile mentioning just how efficiently the construct works , giving a steady 57 - 60 fps rendering in Quartz Composer.

Sadly screen capturing just doesn't get to that fps level.

I think this will need to go for offline rendering and re-syncing of audio.

Thank goodness for Garageband and Quartz Crystal in that case.

Also, this currently posted version exhibits the snap , crackle and pop problems associated with the currently failing more than succeeding version of Soundflower.

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