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302 Stories was founded by Michael Oates (moates@302stories.com), who has been producing video programs since 1981. The first company he founded, New York Television, Inc.--NYTV), won numerous national and regional awards for their corporate, broadcast, and non-profit work.
In 1995, Mike sold his share of his company and "retired" to Fortescue, New Jersey, a rural fishing community on Delaware Bay. He chose to devote himself full time to producing video programming more in line with his interests and values. Since then, he has produced many short and long form programs, many focused on the Bayshore environment--its people, places, and important issues.
In 1999, he produced the Emmy-nominated "Dollars on the Beach," the first documentary to explore the horseshoe crab/shorebird connection and the associated natural resource management controversy. That documentary served as the foundation for the development of the media materials integral to the "Green Eggs and Sand" educational curriculum, which is now taught in 19 states and has been awarded numerous national and regional education awards.
In 2001, Mike purchased a second workspace in Delaware, and founded 302 Stories, Inc., a digital storytelling company committed to "telling the stories of the people and places of Delaware."
In the last 12 years, 302 Stories has produced multiple independently produced as well as client sponsored programs. These include broadcast documentaries, theatrical productions, personal profiles, and educational programming.
In addition, 302 Stories has produced client sponsored programs on topics covering sea level rise, horseshoe crab sanctuaries, Delaware watersheds, beach replenishment, open space, and local history.
302 Stories is constantly looking for new and interesting stories to tell, and Mike is considered the preeminent documentarian of Delaware, South Jersey, and the Delaware Bayshore region.