Block The Bridge, Block The Bill, Westminster Bridge, October 9, 2011

Footage from the afternoon. Featuring general shots of all the various people who cam along to support UKuncut. From those unfurling banners to the families playing NHS Monopoly.

The moment a Lib Dem Peer engaged with a group of protestors. (at least I believe he's a Lib Dem Peer as that's what people told me but I've been unable to confirm his name online today... I guess I really should've just asked him yesterday but hey ho. If anyone can help le me know.)

Shots from the General Assembly Meeting as people debated the issues and then shard their thoughts via the Occupy WallStreet style call and response to limited success.

And also footage the live comedy performances on the bridge all amplified by pedal power.

Apologies about the poor sound, it was all from the internal mic. It's not supposed to make any kind of narrative sense so don't pay too much attention to the words! I'm still waiting on my Tascam external mic to arrive... I was tempted to put some kind of music over but it jut sounded cheesy.

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