With the Re-edited project, Incubate explores the possibilities of open source film. Whereas normal film and video consists of footage that was shot exclusively for that project, in open source film projects the raw footage is made available to all that wish to create their own version of the film.

We invited artists that are working with film and video, and made the footage that was shot at Incubate festival 2010 available for them to re-edit. These artists are free to cut, paste, add, combine, deform, hussle, so to say: re-edit, this footage as they please. Only rule being that at least 80% of the resulting film has to consist of Incubate footage.

Matthijs Vlot:
Matthijs Vlot is a remixer / moviemaker / artist / do-it-yourselfer / vj
has a fascination with crackin codes
constructs new order in existing structures
beliefs violation of copyrights is an art in itself
likes it short and snappy
looks at it through different glasses
writes his own software
is his own man


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