Hosted by Steve Savant, national insurance columnist and financial color commentator.
Special Guest: Jeff Buttars, Senior Underwriter for Lincoln Benefit Life & Architect of the Super Sherlock Underwriting Program

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Carriers in the impaired risk space have adopted new risk selection methodology that reflects established systems as well as new medical advancements, with ongoing managed medical care and follow up. This risk selection methodology incorporates into its rating system both noninvasive and invasive breast cancers. Because of these changes, packaging or bundling a breast cancer case with these new protocols will spotlight the case in the best possible light for the best possible underwriting offer. These carriers are not only wearing the pink ribbon, but actually making an impact on the lives of women and the people they love. Super Sherlock doesn't allow for credits on applicants with stroke, cancer, alcohol, or drug histories or a combination of diabetes and coronary artery disease or other atherosclerotic disease. It isn't available on cases with flat extra ratings.

Super Sherlock medical crediting program rewards customers who comply with physician advice, get routine medical follow-ups to control their health situations, and maintain regular exercise programs — all of which reflect better overall health. Super Sherlock can provide improved classifications for customers with a wide range of medical issues. Rated customers can improve up to 4 tables; nonrated I classification. Super Sherlock is a proprietary underwriting program from LBL. To find out more about this program, contact the home office or your marketing organization.

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