"Afrous" is an online mashup development platform that can be used from your web browser, without anything else. You can mashup not only the Internet web services, but also intranet contents. Why don't you create your own mashup on Afrous Platform ?


* What can I do on Afrous ?

++ Create Mashup Easily, For Everyone.

Before Afrous, it needs programming skills for users to develop a mashup application. Afrous Platform enables you to build web dashboard screens or custom mashup data sources by drag-n-drop user interface or wizard dialogs.

++ Reduce Initial and Runnning Cost of Mashup Application

Ordinally web application needs to preset database servers or application servers. It takes time and costs in initial phase, and administration load in running phase.

Afrous Platform is a mashup platform that is provided in SaaS style, so no software installation is needed, no server setup is required.

++ Ready for Enterprise Environment, Business Usage.

The concept of mashup is now not only in the consumer world but also in enterprise environment.

Afrous Platform has a feature which enables to integrate CSV/XML resources even on the local network, so it is worth to consider as a method to integate intranet information systems.

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