Shine and his brother Evan Rilling, from Ojai Valley, California, are the creators of a new revolutionary game called Peace Sticks. Different from mainstream sports this practice is based in collaboration and friendship. By simply throwing sticks to each other, the players go into a deep meditation state, cultivating Inner Peace, Outer Peace And World Peace. Just as everything else on planet Earth the game also has its own cycle. The sticks come from nature and once they break they go back to nature, bringing absolutely no harm to our planet. It is a great way to establish connection and harmony between people, families, schools, groups and even organizations. It is also part of the tradition to light some white sage, bringing good energies, and to do tribal paintings on sticks and our bodies, since the brothers feel it may be an ancient game that has been brought to our realities again.
"I have a vision of people of all ages, all races, in all parts of the world, playing peace sticks, having fun and bringing our minds and bodies into focus..", says Shine Rilling.

I feel really happy to help spread this seed. The game brings everything our new generation believes in: eco-friendly practices, union, cooperation and love.
You should try it! Take a walk in nature and find your own sticks. It will be a good experience, guaranteed!

You can find more information about the game on their website and also on Facebook: Peace Sticks group

Also, check out the documentary that is being made within Ojai's community

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