Life Without Marc candidly explores the extradition and persecution of Canadian marijuana reform activist Marc Emery. His unconstitutional extradition to a United States Federal Penitentiary in 2010, has inspired thousands of Canadian citizens and politicians alike to campaign to have Marc sent back to Canada to serve his 5 Year jail term. This short documentary chronicles the personal and political impact of Marc’s extradition and how it affects Canadian Sovereignty. By exploring the involvement of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Canadian government’s steadfast refusal to except responsibility, the political motivations behind a seemingly constitutional act become self-evident.

Jody Emery
Libby Davies
Greg Williams

Director Sean Avery
Producer Darshan Rickhi
Cinematographer David Avery
Editor Julie Motz
Music Composer Roel Funcken
Sound Recorder Amir Hashemi

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