sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself and wake up.

I mean, really – how did I end up in such a fortunate position..? I think about what I do for a living and feel like shaking my head in disbelief.

life indeed is good.

I get the opportunity to spend time with couples that inspire me and are inspired by what I do. they open the doors to their lives, families and friends and allow me share and capture the most intimate, real of moments. and then trust me completely to craft these moments into a meaningful work.

it’s very humbling.

I put everything into every wedding I capture and yes, it can be exhausting. physically and mentally. weekends are a writeoff. but the payback and personal satisfaction is huge.

it’s so much more than just about the wedding though. the little things and moments that I seek out are forever archived in family histories.

I shared elise’s dad nervously thinking about his speech.

would the $6 iron that matt and the boys were using trash their shirts?

would the seating arrive in time for the ceremony?

and what about the weather

“the forecast says rain.”

“no – it says it’s fine.”

“yes, it says it’s going to rain. look…”

“oh – they must have changed it.”

all of this I’m privvy to and and these little moments become a part of the wedding day story.

I know this is not something I’ll always be able to maintain but right now, there are not many things I would rather be doing.

life indeed is good.

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